Management Accounting

Management Accounting:


I need 500 to 600 words as per the following:

This is a graded discussion: 200 points possible due May 12

Discussion Forum 1 8585 unread replies.8585 replies. This is the forum for the Week 1 discussion. You have the opportunity to earn 100 points by writing an original post (reply to this header) and 25 points each for up to 4 comments on others” original post. (See below for the possibility of extra credit).


Original posts are due on the indicated date. Replies/comments are due by 11:59pm the Wednesday after the indicated due date, to give everyone time to read the original posts.


Your goal is to put the course material to work in a situation you care about, showing how it helps you analyze what is happening and why, and to propose a path forward. The situation can be from your workplace, your personal or professional life, a true story from the news or a fictional one from popular or classical culture, or whatever else inspires you.


Be sure to describe the situation well enough that people can see how you are using the course material to analyze what is happening and why, You can draw from any tools, terms or frameworks in any of the course materials at any time during the course, but only once. You can return to the same situation as many times as you like. The goal of your replies is not to evaluate (thought it”s always nice to offer a brief remark on what you found interesting or well done).


The primary goal is to engage in the course material. Would you have applied the course material differently to that setting? Is there other course material that seems helpful to the situation described? What changes in the situation would change the analysis and recommendation? The goal of comments is to propose ways to put the course material to even better use than the original post did. Especially helpful comments suggest ways to apply the same course material differently (adding detail, nuance, clarification, or correction), apply additional course material to the same situation (what other tools would be helpful?), or compare the situation described in the original post to a related situation you care about (how do similarities and differences in the situation change how you’d apply the course material?).


See the Discussions module for more guidance, but here are the essentials: I grade posts using the following rubric:


A good effort in good faith earns full credit. That is true even if it shows misunderstanding of the course material or offers a lousy recommendation—those problems can be addressed in comments. An original post or comment doesn’t reflect a good effort in good faith earns no points. A “gem” ?? can earn more than full credit. Original posts and comments are gems when they engage with the material, the situation, and/or other students in a way that is especially insightful, constructive, and illuminating. Original post should be about 300-600 words.


Replies should be at least 100 words. I strongly recommend that you write original posts in Word or some other program and paste it in, rather than risking losing your work by doing everything in a Canvas edit box.


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